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Why Presenting Qatar The Chance To Host The World Cup Is A Bad Idea?

Five years are left till the 2022 football world cup and there are a lot of people still saying that presenting Qatar the opportunity of hosting the World Cup is the worst idea possible. A lot of things can go wrong in the World Cup, and there are also a lot of other important things that have come to the limelight since Qatar were awarded the contract. Let’s have a look at why getting this country was the World Cup is a bad idea.

Qatar 2022 Stadiums
  1. There have been a lot of news reports about the mistreatment of workers from developing countries, particularly those from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. With a lot of human rights violations, particularly where their employers have been known to withhold pay, forcing them to undertake work in sweltering heat and without any kind of safety and equipment gear, this is a sham. There are been reports that over 50 people have already died during the construction phase of the stadiums.
  2. Playing during the summer time in Qatar where the temperatures of around 120° is a virtual non-possibility. This is the reason why there have been suggestions that people play the World Cup during the winter, and news from FIFA will soon confirm this doubt.
  3. Qatar is pretty strict when it comes to homosexuality, and have been known to punish people extremely strictly according to the sharia law if they are caught indulging in homosexual acts. Therefore, this World Cup would be like a minefield for the homosexuals if they want to visit.
  4. Widespread allegations of bribery have made its way into this particular bidding process for the 2022 World Cup. One could say that this is the first World Cup in which there has been such implosion within the football fraternity that most of the people did not want Qatar to become the recipient of this World Cup bid.
  5. Infrastructure, particularly stadiums and cities that are necessary to work in close conjunction with each other in order to host the people coming from various parts of the world is not present as yet. Stadiums, hotels or even the proper infrastructure necessary to host the events would have to be built from scratch, and that is something that goes beyond the normal comprehension for people willing to come out to this desert country.
  6. In order to make the stadium friendly to people all across the world, Qatar had mentioned that they would make it a condition. However, the system, as mentioned by the architectural firm, is either too expensive, or happens to be unsustainable on a large-scale. So, one can be sure of the fact that people would have to sweat it out when they visit to watch their favorite teams take on each other in the football stadium.

Qatar, as a country is extremely strict and extremely harsh on people that do not follow their rules and regulations. The football World Cup being in such a harsh environment is never a good idea for most of the liberal, fun loving people across the world.